• Leesa Williams

Dream Today. Travel Tomorrow

It wasn't my dream to start Disnerd Travel blog in the middle of a pandemic, but here we are.

Leisure travel is at a standstill. Trips planned years ago are getting cancelled and refunded. Vacations are being postponed. When will we be able to go places again?? I don't know, I just keep saying "Soon!" Always the optimist!

It has been very hard seeing Facebook pictures from May 2019 when my family and I were on a fantastic Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico and Honduras. One year later, I am sitting in my office deciding if I want to wear a mask and go to Target for a few items that we need.

The travel and tourism industry is strong and has come through other difficult times. This too shall pass. We hope the joy of travel keeps you excited for future trips as much as it does us. Planning for new and familiar destinations is all we can do right now and it's fun to think of the future possibilities. We think travel memories are the best memories, so let's dream and make a list of where we want go and what we want to see. Tomorrow we will travel!

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